About Mary

maryclark3x4 300pixMary Clark grew up in Baltimore City, and recently returned to live there. After earning an MFA in Poetry from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, she moved to Somerville, Massachusetts, began publishing her poems and short stories in literary magazines, and started writing novels. She left the formal arena of the short lyric because she was compelled to write on the edge of accessible and literary. Her novels are thematically resonant, big stories, suspenseful, and political, with love affairs at their core. The long form allows for scope to include the social culture surrounding characters, widening the frame, and inviting readers to struggle with the messiness of life.

Last year Mary completed her third novel manuscript, CAMBRIDGE ROYALTY, a Rabbit Run meets The Wire. This polished literary novel with a commercial bent is an eventful story about race, love, addiction and urban renewal that takes place in The Coast, an under-represented neighborhood of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The New England Review published a short story that borrows closely from the first chapter.

This year, Mary started work on a fourth novel, another literary novel on the commercial line. ENOUGH SUGAR is a tragic love story with themes of infidelity, women’s friendships, and a remodel of an antique home: a contemporary Bridges of Madison County meets Sex in the City meets This Old House.

The New England Review recently posted an interview on Mary’s 25 year gap in publishing her work. Those years were not a “life got in the way” kind of situation. They were more a “life got in the writing” situation. You can read the interview here.